Interview Process / Questions

The interview questions are broken down into a few categories (demographics, employment, social life) and are sorted into three areas (past, present, and future).  There are approximately twenty fixed questions with the remaining set being variable depending on the answer to the original question.  The questions are designed to be personal, require some introspective and evoke emotions and feelings.


The interviews are conducted either face-to-face in person or over the web via an application like Skype or GoToMeeting, but never with chat only.  The idea is for people to be honest and candid without worrying about what they are typing.  The interviews are recorded for transcription into text later.  In order to remain anonymous, no faces are ever recorded, and the voice records are destroyed after transcription occurs.  Some of the questions are personal and intimate in nature hence the strict desire for privacy.


The entire interview:

  • Takes approximately thirty minutes
  • Consists of approximately thirty questions
  • Evokes thirty meaningful and truthful responses


Hence the name: 30 Truths


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